Teacher Wish List

Jenna Allen Jodi Fraser  Stan Jurgens  Cindy Roerty
Bob Arbaugh Sherilyn Galeener Matt Kazy Jill Ronen
Cassie Auble Paige Gowing Becy Kleen Steve Ronen
Katie Bridge Erin Granprey Andrzej Kusmierkiewicz Julie Russell
Jenny Cardenas Tara Greenacre Heather McMurray Jennifer Scheaffer 
Casey Churchill Bev Hanwalt Melissa Miller  Amie Schissler
Amy Clemens Elissa Hersh Lisa Murphy Valerie Siebert
 Kim Clouser Rachel Hickman Tracy Nichols Jerf Siener
 Marnie Dame Rhonda Hilpert Cherie Pedersen Carolina Solis
Lori DeTomasi Angela Horton Renee Perchau  Zach Stone
Andrea Devany Nancy Hoyer Savannah Pullin Sandy Stoltzfus  
 Kim Diebel Rob Huey Betsy Ortega Amy Tamez
 Terra Drobny Heather Jackson Nicole Ranstrom Megan Thayer
 Meghan Duran Kat Jaeger Suzie Rappenecker Jon Wilcox
 Natalie Dybzinski  Keri Jurgens Donny Reeves Debbie Wood

Jenna Allen – 2nd Grade Teacher (6/7)

Candy Bar: Hershey’s with almonds or Almond Joy
Snack Food: pistachio nuts, Australian licorice, chips and salsa!
Restaurant/s: any downtown Fort Collins!
Cold Beverage: La Croix: Peach Pear and Coconut or Diet Coke/Pepsi
Type of Music: instrumental for classroom
Book or ebook: Christian Fiction or Classics
Store/s: TJ Maxx, Jax, Sierra Trading Post
Sports Team: The Liberty Eagles!
Collectible Items : not much of a collector=)
Hobby/s: reading, cooking/baking, running, hanging with family
Tea/ Coffee: coffee!!! Americano w/ a touch of white choc. and a splash of cream!
Theater or Movie Rental: Theatre…Cinemark
Classroom Needs: smell good candles, Thank You’s and/or Note cards…
Other Gift Ideas: Love the Fort Collins Downtown gift card…I can share it with my fam.!

Bob Arbaugh – Maintenance (__/__)

Candy Bar:
Snack Food:
Type of Music:
Book or ebook:
Collectible Items :
Theater or Movie Rental:

Thank you, Terra! Here's my list:

Cassie Auble - Latin (11/05)

Candy: Snickers or Mike N Ikes
Snack Food: Ranch Doritos, BBQ Chips, Popcorn 
Restaurant/s: Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Fuzzy’s
Soda: Cherry Coke
Type of Music: Pop-Rock or Alternative Rock, 80s music!
Hobby/s: outdoor fun - hiking, running, swimming
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark


Katie Bridge – 2nd Grade Teacher (8/1)

Candy Bar: dark chocolate (no almonds please)
Snack Food: popcorn, pita chips and hummus 
Restaurant/s: Jessup Farm, Locality, any downtown Fort Collins!
Cold Beverage:  LaCroix
Type of Music: instrumental for the classroom, countryBook or ebook: book
Store/s: Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Target, Amazon
Sports Team: Baylor Bears, Broncos
Hobby/s: Cooking, Hiking, Reading
Tea/ Coffee: Both, Hazelnut Latte or Chai Tea
Theater or Movie Rental: Both
Classroom Needs: stickers, Paper Mate flair pens, thank you notes, read aloud books, small prizes, dry erase classroom easel 

Jenny Cardenas – 5th Grade Teacher (2/5)

Candy Bar: anything dark chocolate
Snack Food: salt and vinegar chips
Restaurant/s: Red Robin, Austin’s, Famous Dave’s, Chili’s
Cold Beverage: Coke
Type of Music: all (iTunes card is good)
Sports Team: (none)
Book or ebook: Kindle Paper White books (Amazon gift card is good)
Store/s: Amazon, Charming Charlie, Target, Walmart
Collectible Items: (none)
Hobby/s: reading, DIY projects, camping
Tea/ Coffee: Coffee, caramel machiatto (Ziggi’s giftcards are preferred, but I love Starbucks too)
Theater or Movie Rental: AMC theaters or Redbox
Classroom Needs: wireless/bluetooth speaker for classroom, content related picture books (refer to curriculum map), stickers, scented wax bars, dollar store knickknacks for treasure box, blank notecards, thank you cards
Other Gift Ideas: nail polish (any color), Thirty-One large utility tote , easy care plants for classroom

Casey Churchill – Elementary Principal (11/5)

Candy Bar: Kit Kat
Snack Food: Beefy jerky
Restaurant: Suehiro’s
Cold Beverage: Pepsi
Type of Music: Rock
Author: Anything non- fiction
Store: Jax
Collectible: Yo-yos
Hobby: Adventure motorcycling, telemark skiing, fly fishing
Tea or Coffee: Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: EitherOther Gift Ideas:

Amy Clemens - Music (8/10)

Candy Bar: White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate, no wheat or nuts
Snack Food: Popcorn, gluten-free treats
Restaurant/s: Qdoba, TCBY, Hu-hot, Panera
Cold Beverage:
Type of Music: iTunes
Store/s: Target, Amazon, Hobby Lobby
Sports Team: Broncos or Philadelphia Eagles
Collectible Items : Jewelry
Hobby/s: Hiking, biking, music
Tea/ Coffee: Starbucks
Theater or Movie Rental: Movie
Classroom Needs: rhythm instruments, music posters, classical cds, colored pencils
Other Gift Ideas:

Kimberly Clouser – Latin (11/15)

Candy Bar: Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt
Snack Food: M&Ms
Restaurant/s: Panera Bread, East Moon
Cold Beverage: Vanilla Coke Zero
Type of Music: Amazon MP3s
Book or ebook: Kindle
Store/s: Michaels, Sephora
Spots Team: Boston Red Sox
Collectible Items: bookmarks & butterflies
Hobby/s: reading, skiing, hiking
Tea/ Coffee: Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark Theater
Classroom Needs:
Other Gift Ideas:

Marnie Dame – 1st Grade T.A. (6/17)

Candy Bar: Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Snack Food: Pretzels with chocolate and caramel, Popcorn, Trail Mix
Restaurants: Noodles and Company, Olive Garden, Hu Hot, Star of India
Cold Beverage: Coke
Type of Music: Itunes
Stores: Bath and Bodyworks, Hobby Lobby, Target, Amazon
Collectible Items: Milkware
Hobby/s: Photography, crafting and decorating
Tea/Coffee: Flavored teas or Mocha cream frapachino with caramel
Theater or Movie Rental: Lincoln Center, Midtown Arts Center, Cinamark, Red Box
Classroom Needs: Soccer Balls, Small Footbals, Wall balls (racquet balls), Four Square Balls, Jump Ropes (sturdy ones), Stickers
Other Gift Ideas:

Lori DeTomasi – 2nd Grade T.A. (07/24)

Candy Bar: Snickers
Snack Food: Boulder Chips
Restaurants:  Rio
Cold Beverage: La-Croix Sparkling Water
Favorite Coffee Shop:  Starry Night
Favorite Coffee:  Skinny Mocha
Type Music:  Oldies
Book or ebook: 
Hobby: Soap Making
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark
Classroom Needs:
Other Gift Ideas:

Andrea DeVany- Kindergarten Teacher (01/05)

Candy Bar: Nuance Chocolate Bars, Reeces Peanut Butter Cup
Snack Food: Dried Fruit, nuts
Restaurants: Otto Pint, LaLuz, Any Restaurant Downtown Fort Collins
Cold Beverage: 
Type of Music: Classical, Alternative, Rock
Book or ebook: Historical Fiction
Store: Old Town Stores
Sports Team: Broncos
Hobbies: Snow Skiing, Hiking, Biking, Anything outdoors
Tea/Coffee: Loose leaf teas, and chocolate flavor coffees
Theater: Cinemark, Metrolux
Classroom Needs: Stickers
Other Gift Ideas:

Kim Diebel- Interventionist ( 1/3)

Candy Bar: Twix, Milky Way, Skor
Snack Food: CHIPS, pickle
Restaurant/s: Everything!  
Soda: Diet Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Country
Book or ebook: book
Collectible Items : Willow Tree
Hobby/s:  I love cooking!!!!  
Theater or Movie Rental:  Theater

Terra Drobny – IT Support (12/10)

Candy Bar: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
Snack Food: Zone Perfect or One Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars,   Roasted Cashews
Restaurant/s: BJ’s. Ziquila, Texas Roadhouse
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Hot Beverage: Daz Bog Snickerdoodle Steamer
Type of Music: Everything but metal (secular) and rap, especially Skillet, TobyMac, for King and Country.
Book or ebook: Kindle
Store/s: Best Buy, Target
Spots Team: Rockies, Broncos, Cubs, Avalanche, Colorado Eagles
Collectible Items: Sports Memorabilla
Hobby/s: Scrapbooking, Zumba, Mountain Biking
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark Theater

Meghan Duran – Kindergarten T.A. (01/05)

Candy Bar: 100 Grand, Kit Kat
Snack Food: Pretzels, Dried Fruit, Nuts
Restaurants:  Fuzzy Taco
Cold Beverage: La-Croix Sparkling Water
Favorite Coffee Shop:  Starbucks
Favorite Coffee:  Americano on ice
Type Music:  Classical
Book or ebook: Any childrens book
Hobby: Anything outdoors, Rockies baseball 
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark


Natalie Dybzinski- Nurse (6/5)

Candy Bar: dark chocolate

Snack Food: popcorn, nuts
Restaurant/s: love trying fun restaurants in Old Town, but really like going anywhere I don’t have to cook!
Type of Music: classical
Book or ebook: kindle books (Amazon)
Store/s: Target, TJ Maxx, Trader Joe’s
Sports Team: Colorado Rockies
Hobby/s: reading, working out, gardening, fun family outings, going to the spa
Tea/Coffee: Coffee or tea, but mostly coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: anything to help the health office look warm and friendly, donation towards nursing professional development conferences to keep up with CDE licensure requirements and knowledge growth opportunities


Jodi Fraser - 4th Grade T.A. (9/5)

Candy Bar: Peanut M&M’s, Anything Dark Chocolate
Snack Food: Chips & Salsa, Any kind of nuts
Restaurant/s: Lucille’s, Snooze, Suehiro, Fiona’s, Panino's
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper, Tangerine LaCroix
Type of Music: All types
Book or ebook: Books
Store/s: Target, Cozy Cottage, Hobby Lobby, Anywhere Downtown F.C.
Sports Team: Liberty!
Hobby/s: Cooking, Crafting, Reading, Spending time with my family
Tea/ Coffee: Both! Love Plain Latte’s and Earl Grey Tea Latte’s
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: LOVE paper mate flair pens, cardstock
Other Gift Suggestions:

Sherilyn Galeener – 2nd Grade Teacher (9/4)

Candy Bar: Snickers, Cashew Cookie Lara Bar, Cranberry Almond Kind Bar
Snack Food: Trail mix, Baked Potato Chips, Popcorn
Restaurant/s: Panera, Jaws Sushi, Downtown Fort Collins
Cold Beverage:  LaCroix
Type of Music: I-tunes, Amazon
Book or ebook: either; Amazon
Store/s: Target, King Soopers
Sports Team: CSU Rams, Broncos
Hobby/s: Beading, Cooking, Traveling, Reading
Tea/ Coffee: Both, Starbucks’ Iced Nonfat Chai
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card for books
Other Gift Ideas: I am allergic to most flowers.

Paige Gowing – Librarian (10/21)

Candy Bar: Sour Patch Kids
Snack Food: Funyuns
Restaurant/s: Chick Fil A, McDonald's Noodles and Company
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Pop/Country Taylor Swift
Sports Team: CSU Rams
Book or ebook: Book
Store/s: Target, Sephora, World Market, Barnes and Noble
Collectible Items: Salt and pepper shakers
Hobby/s: reading, writing, embroidery, biking
Tea/ Coffee: Tea (Plantation Mint)
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater…Cinemark
Classroom Needs: bookends, chalk, red stamp pad, bookmarks
Other Gift Ideas:

Erin Grandprey – Art(6/4)

Candy Bar: Heath, Snickers, Swedish Fish
Snack Food: Popcorn
Restaurant/s: HuHot, Panera, Chic-fil-A
Cold Beverage: Pepsi
Type of Music: iTunes, Acoustic, Soft Rock, “Oldies”
Book or ebook: Either, B&N
Store/s: iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Amazon
Sports Team: Phoenix Suns
Hobby/s: Snowboarding, Archery
Tea/ Coffee: Chai Tea
Theater or Movie Rental: Either
Classroom Needs: Art Apr
ons, Large “Tupperware” containers w/ lids


Tara Greenacre - Kindergarten T.A.  (7/7)

Candy: York Peppermints, Skittles
Snacks: kettle corn, trail mix
Restaurants: Panera, Apple Bee's, East Moon
Cold Beverage: Root Beer
Tea/Coffee: coffee - black cold brew
Book/ebook: Amazon
Stores: JCPenney, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods
Sports Teams: Broncos, St Louis Cardinals
Hobbies: reading, hiking, antiquing/thrifting
Theater: Cinemark
Classroom: Papermate Flair Pens
Other Gift Ideas:

Bev Hanawalt – Front Office Manager (1/22)

Candy Bar: Reese’s
Snack Food: Popcorn
Restaurant: Any
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Christian
Author: Christian
Store: Joanne’s Fabrics
Collectible: Amish
Hobby: Scrap booking/ baking/Quilting
Tea/ Coffee: Tea
Theater or Movie Rental: Movie

Elissa Hersh- 4th Grade Teacher (1/21)

Candy Bar: Snickers, Butterfingers
Snack Food: trailmix
Restaurant/s: Panera
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: iTunes gift cards
Book or ebook: Barnes and Noble gift cards
Store/s: Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods
Sports Team: Broncos
Collectible Items: Anything running related
Hobby/s: reading, running, spending time with family
Tea/ Coffee: coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: rental
Classroom Needs:
Other Gift Ideas:

Rachel Hickman- 5th Grade Teacher (1/22)

Candy Bar: Snickers, Twix, Oreos
Snack Food: Hummus and Chips, Trail mixes
Restaurant: The Melting Pot, BJ’s, Suhiro, Stuft Burger
Cold Beverage: Sprite, IBC root beer (in glass bottles)
Book: Barnes and Noble gift card
Store: Target, Runners Roost, Dicks Sporting Goods, Prana, Lululemon, Amazon, Europa Salon and Spa
Sports Team: All Colorado teams! I love sports gear and clothing 
Hobby: Running, Yoga, Hiking, Reading, Board Games
Tea or Coffee: Both, especially local or fair trade
Theater or Movie: Both, we love movies
Classroom Needs: seat cushions and wiggle seats, Knowledge Bound gift card, academic board or card games for ELO and indoor recess, painted walls
Other Gift Ideas: Downtown Fort Collins gift card, tickets to plays/ballets/theaters, easy care plants

Rhonda Hilpert – Paraprofessional (7/29)

Candy Bar: dark chocolate
Snack Food: nuts, trail mix
Restaurant/s: Tokyo Joes, Taj Mahal
Cold Beverage: fitness water
Type of Music: Country to Christian, opera to oldies, blues to bluegrass
Book or ebook:
Store/s: Perennial Gardener, Maurices, TJMax, thrift stores
Sports Team: Eagles Hockey
Tea/ Coffee: decaf peppermint mocha
Theater or Movie Rental:
Classroom Needs: Early reading helps/games, grammar games, Office Depot
Other Gift Ideas:

Angela Horton- 1st Grade (11/11)

Candy Bar: Skor, Heath, Chili chocolate, dark chocolate with berries
Snack Food: Savory and salty, spicy!, and dark chocolate
Restaurant/s: Mexican, Asian, Fish, Austin’s, Italian………anything yummy!
Type of Music: Christian, Country, variety
Author: Christian
Store/s: Bed, Bath & Beyond, Clothes Mentor, Target, Repeat Boutique, World Market, Home Goods, Wal-Mart
Collectible Items: Cookbooks
Hobby/s: Cooking, gardening, camping, walking
Tea/ Coffee: Flavored coffees…..vanilla, pumpkin, hazelnut
Theater or Movie Rental: Both
Classroom Needs: Read-aloud books on Kindergarten math concepts
Other Gift Ideas:

Nancy Hoyer-Music ( /)

Rob Huey 6th 
Grade Teacher (6/8)

Candy Bar: Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats
Snack Food: Skinny Pop (regular), Fruit (grapes, pineapple, strawberries, pears)
Restaurant/s: Old Town, Jimmy Johns
Cold Beverage: Diet Coke
Type of Music: Alternate/Rock
Book or ebook: ebook (itunes and Amazon in particular)
Store/s: Target
Sports Team: Broncos
Collectible Items :nothing
Hobby/s: swimming/coaching, skiing
Tea/ Coffee: Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: None at this time
Any other Gift Suggestions:

Heather Jackson - 4th Grade T.A. (12/29)

Candy Bar: Peanut M&M's, Caramel
Snack Food: QuestBar, Apples, Salted Mixed Nuts
Restaurants: Fuzzy’s, Nordy's, Doug's Day Dinner, Outback
Cold Beverage: La Croix
Type of Music: Amazon or Google Music
Book or Ebook: Barnes & Noble (the old-fashioned way)
Stores: Target, Pier 1, Michaels, Jo Ann's, Jerry's Artarama, Homegoods, TJ Maxx
Sports Team:  Bronco's, Seahawks, Rockies
Collectible Items:  Bracelets and Scarves
Hobbies: Reading, Painting, Graphic Design, Hiking, Photography
Tea/Coffee: Starbucks
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: Cardstock, Gel Pens, Paper Stamps, Fun stuff for the bulletin boards
Other Gift Ideas:  Facials

Kathryn Jaeger- 3rd Grade Teacher (07/12)

Candy Bar: Snickers, Reese's, or Watermelon Sour Patch Kids
Snack Food: Dried Fruit or Popcorn 
Restaurant/s: anything in Old Town Fort Collins! 
Cold Beverage: Tea! (especially green tea and Yogi tea)
Favorite Coffee Shop: StarbucksFavorite Coffee or Tea Drink: Green Tea or Vanilla Chai Latte
Type of Music: iTunes
Book or ebook: both
Collectible Items : none
Hobby(ies): Reading, hiking, baking
Theater: Any in Fort Collins
Classroom Needs: isolation headphones, teacher desk chair, butterfly chairs and/or other fun chairs to replace the couch for a reading areaOther Gift Ideas:

Keri Jurgens- 6th Grade Teacher (10/13)

Candy Bar: Dark Chocolate, truffles
Snack Food: anything gluten free, Kind Bars
Restaurant/s: Cafe Vino, The Kitchen, anything in Old Town
Cold Beverage: Diet Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Jazz, Classical(Itunes or Google Play)
Book or ebook: ebook(Amazon.com)
Store/s: Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Amazon
Tea/ Coffee: Earl Grey
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: None right now
Other Gift Ideas: Gift cards

Stan Jurgens- Maintenance (__/__)

Candy Bar: 
Snack Food: 
Restaurant/s: Cafe Vino, The Kitchen, anything in Old Town
Cold Beverage: 
Type of Music: 
Book or ebook: 
Tea/ Coffee: 
Theater or Movie Rental: 
Classroom Needs: 
Other Gift Ideas: 

Matt Kazy - AST Coordinator (11/10)

Candy Bar: Milky Way
Snack Food: Almonds
Restaurants: Pizza and Chinese
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Classical Piano
Book or Ebook: Leadership books and historical biographies
Stores: sporting goods
Sports Team: Colorado Rapids


Becky Kleen- Kindergarten Teacher( 2/15)

Candy Bar:  Twix or Kit Kat

Snack Food:  Pretzels, Popcorn
Restaurant/s:  Mexican, Italian
Soda:  Unsweetened Iced Tea
Type of Music:  Christian
Book or ebook:  Book
Collectible Items :  Precious Moments
Sports Team:  Broncos
Hobby/s:  Reading, Skiing, Hiking
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Stores:  Amazon, Kohls, Target
Classroom Needs:  Knowledge Bound Gift Card

Andrzej Kusmierkiewicz – Maintenance (__/__)

Candy Bar:
Snack Food:
Type of Music:
Book or ebook:
Collectible Items :
Theater or Movie Rental:

Heather McMurray -2nd Grade TA(11/22)

Candy Bar: Payday, White Chocolate Reeses Cups and Snickers
Snack Food: Nuts, Popcorn (kettle corn flavor), chips and salsa
Restaurant/s: Bann Thai, Nordy’s, Mexican food
Cold Beverage: Sweet tea, Lemonade, Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: iTunes gift card
Book or ebook: Book or eBook is fine.  I love reading anything fiction!
Store/s: Target, World Market, Sephora
Sports Team: Not a big sports fan J
Collectible Items: Anything ocean themed (décor)
Hobby/s: FISHING, Reading, Cooking, Movies, Camping
Tea/ Coffee: I prefer coffee but I do love tea as well! Starbucks (coffee) and Zehna’s Gypsy    Tea.
Theater or Movie Rental: Theatre…Cinemark XD or Metrolux .

Melissa Miller - Health Technician/Administrative Assistant (2/2)

Candy Bar: Payday, Hershey Almond Bar, or Trolli Sour Gummy Worms
Snack Food: Pretzels. Teddy Grams (honey or chocolate), Popcorn
Restaurant/s: 5 guys, Hacienda Real, BJ’s
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Itunes
Book or ebook: Barnes and Noble (the old-fashioned way)
Store/s: JCP, World Market, Jo-Ann Fabrics
Sports Team: Broncos, Colorado Eagles, Avalanche
Collectible Items: Bracelets and Scarves
Hobby/s: Reading, Cooking, Photography
Tea/ Coffee: Dutch Brothers
Theater or Movie Rental: Both

Lisa Murphy – Paraprofessional (2/25)

Candy Bar: Reeses, Butterfinger, Almond Joy
Snack Food: Trail mix
Restaurant/s: BBQ, Mexican, Italian
Cold Beverage: root beer
Type of Music: Christian
Book or ebook: Book
Store/s: Kohl’s, Dress Barn, Target
Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys, Colorado Avalanche
Collectible Items : Picture frames
Hobby/s: Cooking, scrapbooking, camping, fishing
Tea/ Coffee: Tea
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater & Red box
Classroom Needs: Organization tools

Tracy Nichols- Art (4/9)

Snack Food: Fruit, sugarless gum, and honey for the tea
Hobbies: Drawing, painting, and being outdoors
Tea: Decaf Herbal Teas, Green Tea, Cinnamon Apple Spice, Mandarin Orange, and Peppermint Teas
Any other Gift Suggestions: Barnes and Noble and Hobby Lobby cards are great for special Art supplies and Art reference books for the art room.

Cherie Pedersen-3rd Grade Teacher (5/23)

Candy Bar: Butterfinger
Snack Food: Indiana Popcorn, nuts (healthy snacks)
Restaurant/s: Youngs Vietnamese Restaurants, Red Lobster, Egg and I
Soda: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Contemporary Music
Book or ebook: ebooks
Store/s: Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby, Target
Hobby/s: reading, scrapbooking
Tea/ Coffee: Herbal mint, Green teas, Chi Late, Starbucks, Green Mountain Hazelnut K-Cup
Classroom Needs: Knowledge Bound Gift Card

Renee Perschau-3rd Grade T.A. (11/17)

Candy Bar: Peanut butter cups, snickers
Snack Food: trail mix, nuts, Smartfood
Restaurant/s: Austin’s, East Moon, coffee shops
Book or ebook: literary bestsellers
Store/s: bookstores, Target, REI
Hobby/s: running, hiking, camping, reading
Tea/Coffee: Tea! English breakfast or green tea
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater – live or movies
Classroom Needs: stickers

Savannah Pullin - Kindergarten Teacher (7/8)

Candy Bar: dark chocolate, red licorice 
Snack Food: fruit, popcorn, kettle chips
Restaurant/s: Garbonzo, Chipotle, Rainbow 
Drink: La Croix
Favorite Coffee Shop: Little Bird Bakeshop, Starbucks
Favorite Coffee or Tea Drink: Black coffee, tea!
Type of Music: all types
Book or ebook: history, fiction, inspirational, vegetarian cookbooks
Collectible Items : gifts made with love by little hands
Hobby(ies): hiking, biking, running, watching netflix
Classroom Needs: PaperMate flair pens, stickie notes of all sizes

Betsy Ortega – 1st Grade Teacher (__/__)

Candy Bar: Chocolove dark Dark chocolate bars, mounds bars, anything dark chocolate

Snack Food: pita chips, popcorn

Restaurant/s: Rio Grande, Consuelos, Tres Margaritas, Caninos, Panera, Olive Garden, Fazolis, Cafe Athens, Freddy’s

Soda/drinks: Iced tea, chocolate milk, oolong tea, green tea, chai, hot chocolate

Type of Music: country (Little Big Town, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum,..etc.) 70s and 80s pop, meditation music, Michael Franti, big band (1940s)

Book or ebook: mysteries, historical fiction, naturalists, poetry

Hobby/s: walking, hiking, gardening, baking, cooking

Theater or Movie Rental: (I love movies, especially old movies 1930s through 1960s) AMC cinema saver 6, AMC Classic, Cinemark, Lyric and the Rialto in Loveland


Nicole Ranstrom– 1st Grade T.A. (5/17)

Candy Bar: Dark chocolate covered caramels, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, chocolate covered espresso beans, Kit-Kat, Twix, cheesecake
Snack Food: Salt & Vinegar chips, dried mangoes, Nutella
Restaurant/s: Olive Garden, BJ's, Red Robin,  Jimmy John's
Cold Beverage: La Croix (any flavor other than lime, orange, or lemon), Dr. Pepper, Pepsi
Book or ebook: Easy-read, feel-good, rom-com 
Store/s: Target, Dick's, Scheel's, Trader Joe's
Sports Team: MN Vikings football, Rapids soccer
Hobby/s: playing soccer, watching movies, board games
Tea/ Coffee: MochaTheater or Movie Rental: both 

Suzanne Rappenecker – 5th and 6th Grade T.A. (12/7)

Candy Bar: Big Hunk/Snickers
Snack Food: Gluten Free
Restaurant/s: Red Lobster, Blue Agave Grill
Type of Music: itunes
Store/s: Kohl’s, World Market
Hobby/s: Gardening, Family
Tea/Coffee: Human Bean: Decaf Chai Tea,  Starbucks
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark

Donny Reeves – Physical Education Teacher (11/28)

 Candy Bar: Whatchamacallit and Cherry taffy bars
Snack Food: Chex mix and corn nuts (any flavors)
Restaurant/s: Red Robin, Red Lobster, Hacienda Real
Soda: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Anything upbeat and good for gym class
Store/s: Jax, Sportsmans Warehouse, Kohl’s
Sports Team: Broncos!
Collectible Items: Labrador Retriever Items
Hobby/s: Hunting, fishing, All sports
Tea/ Coffee: Flavored Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: Any decent shape P.E. equipment

Cindy Roerty- 6th Grade TA (__/__)

Candy Bar: Mounds, Reeses, Dark Chocolate
Snack Food: Salted almonds, trail mix, Sweet & Salty, Chocolate Eclairs
Restaurant/s: Qdoba, Cafe Athens, The Blue Iguana, Zquila, La Buena Vida, BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse
Soda/Drink: Arnold Palmer, coffee, no soda 
Type of Music:  acapella, christian, christmas, 
Book or ebook: 
Collectible Items : Any item from foreign countries 
Theater or Movie Rental: Any movie theater

Stores:  Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's, JC Penny
Pets: Dogs


Jill Ronen - Receptionist (1/11)

Candy Bar: Anything dark chocolate with peanut butter or caramel and
sea salt
Snack Food: Any nuts
Restaurant/s: Nay restaurants in Old Town
Soda: Flavored sparkling water
Type of Music: All types except hard rock and Jazz
Book or ebook: Book
Store/s: White Balcony, Clothes Mentor, Target, Fine and Funky, Nordstrom Rack
Sports Team: CSU-love any college sports
Collectible Items : Crosses
Hobby/s: camping, hiking, walking, reading, watching college sports, traveling and spending time w/my family and friends
Tea/ Coffee: Coffee and chai tea with low fat milk
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom needs: scented oil diffuser

Steve Ronen – 4th Grade Teacher (9/14)

Candy Bar: Peanut M&M's
Snack Food: Nuts, Popcorn
Restaurant: Krazy Karl's, Austin’s
Type of Music: Classical or country
Author: David MCCullough (SP)
Store: Target
Sports Team: Notre Dame
Hobby: Walking, reading, attending auctions
Theater or Movie Rental: Theaters
Classroom: candles, headphones

Julie Russell - Registrar (3/9)

Candy Bar: Hershey’s w/Almonds, Reeses
Snack Food: Almonds, Cashews, Pretzels, Milano Cookies
Restaurant: Wendy’s, Red Robin, Olive Garden
Soda: Pepsi
Type of Music: Country, Classical, Pop, Jazz, Contemporary Christian
Author: Bodie Thoene, Max Lucado, Historical Fiction, Cookbook, Biographies
and Autobiographies
Store: Target, Old Navy, Hobby Lobby
Sports Team: Broncos, Rockies, CSU, CU
Hobby: Hiking, Biking, Reading, Skiing
Tea or Coffee: Hazelnut Coffee, Any teas
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark, Blockbuster
Other gift suggestions: Candles, Lotions, Bath gels, etc.

Jennifer Scheaffer- 5th Grade Teacher (4/21)

Candy Bar: anything with nuts and chocolate
Snack Food: Kettle cooked salt & vinegar chips
Restaurant: Suehiro, Austin’s, Bisetti’s
Type of Music: iTunes gift cards
Store: Target
Sports Team: CSU Rams, Broncos
Tea or Coffee: Dutch Brothers
Theater or Movie: Cinemark
Classroom Needs: Barnes & Noble gift cards, wireless/bluetooth speaker
Other Gift Ideas:

Amie Schissler - 5th Grade Teaching Assistant (03/27)

Candy Bar:  Baby Ruth, Twix, Almond Joy, Carmel M&Ms

Snack Food:  Ranch Nut thins, Trail Mix, Chex Mix, Doritos
Restaurant/s:  Chick-Fil-A, Raising Cane's, Olive Garden, Texas Road House, Tres Margaritas
Drink:  Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke Lime, Diet Coke
Favorite Coffee Shop:  Human Bean,  Dutch Bros
Favorite Coffee or Tea Drink:  Carmel Mocha Frappuccino, Sugar Mama
Type of Music:  Christian Genre (Toby Mac, Hilary Scott, Switch Foot, Third Day), Country, & Pop
Book or ebook: Francine Rivers (Lineage of Grace, Mark of the Lions Series), Mystery/Suspense, Historical Fiction & Nonfiction
Collectible Items :  Straw tumbler drinking cups,  Travel mugs, Coffee mug
Hobby(ies):  Outdoor activities with friends and family, Taking pictures of family and friends, Reading, Movies, organizing things in my house
Theater:  Cinemark Movie Bistro, Cinema Saver 6, or any theater
Classroom Needs:  PapaerMate felt-tip flair pens, Fun paper clip holder 

Valerie Siebert- 2nd Grade TA ( /)

Candy Bar: Milk chocolate with fruit or nuts (anything except macadamia nuts)
Snack Food: cashews, 
Restaurant/s: Texas Roadhouse, Famous Dave's, Mount Everest, Chili's, Nordy's, 3 Margarita's, (most mexican or steak)
Cold Beverage: Diet Mountain Dew, Crystal Light, Tea
Type of Music: Christian: Contempory, Hip-Hop 
Book or ebook: Fantasy, sci-fi
Store/s: Kohl's, Penney's, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Bath & Body Works
Sports Team: none really, but like Bronco's, CSU, University of Florida
Collectible Items: Dolphins, bears
Hobby/s: Camping, hiking, skiing, spending time with family
Tea/ Coffee: Tea - love chai tea and any fruit flavored
Theater or Movie Rental: both…Cinemark and Redbox
Other Gift Ideas: Fun things to do with my husband and 2 teenagers - Fort Fun, Loveland Laser Tag, or any other fun ideas!

Jeff Siener- 4th Grade Teacher (11/27)

Candy Bar: Heath Bar & 100 Grand Bar
Snack Food: Trail Mix
Restaurant/s: East Moon
Soda: Rootbeer
Type of Music: Anything Google Play
Book or ebook: Books from Amazon
Store/s: Jax
Collectible Items : Bicycles
Hobby/s: Cycling, Skiing, Fly Fishing, Photography
Tea/ Coffee: Hot Chocolate
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: Board Games
Other Gift Ideas:

Carolina Herrera Solis- AST (8/15)

Candy Bar: Dark Chocolate with hazelnuts, peanuts or plain
Snack: Salt and Pepper Chips, sweet potato chips, fage/noosa yogurt (strawberry, cherry)
Restaurant: Café de Bankog, Outback, Suehiros Japanese Restaurant
Books: Interior Design
Stores: Walmart, Target, TJ Max, Marshalls, HomeGoods
Sports Teams: Not into sports
Hobbies: Construction/restoration
Tea/Coffee: Both -Coffee:Dutch Brothers or Starbucks
Theater or Movie Rental: Both

Zach Stone – 6th Grade Teacher (9/7)

Candy Bar: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, York Peppermint Patties
Snack Food:  Protein Bars and Beef Jerky
Restaurant/s: 5 Guys, Wendy''s, Dominos, Read Robin
Soda:  Pepsi
Type of Music: Country
Book or ebook:  Books, Anything History
Collectible Items :  Books
Hobby/s: Hunting, Fishing, Writing, Sports/Working OutTheater or Movie Rental: Theater

Sandy Stoltzfus – Asst Principal (__/__)

Candy Bar:

Snack Food:
Type of Music:
Book or ebook:
Collectible Items :
Theater or Movie Rental:

Amy Tamez – 1st Grade Teacher (11/18)\

Candy Bar: Dark Chocolate
Snack Food: Popcorn, pretzels
Restaurant/s: Qdoba, Panera, Mad Greens, Austins
Soda: Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi
Store/s: Hobby Lobby, Bath & Body Works, Target
Collectible Items: Childrens’ books
Hobby/s: Scrapbooking
Tea/ Coffee: Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: Stickers
Other Gift Ideas:

Megan Thayer-Kindergarten TA( /)

Jon Wilcox- Physical Education (8/24)

Candy Bar: Reeses
Snack Food: barbeque chips
Restaurant/s: Red Lobster, Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden
Type of Music: Anything but rap!
Book or ebook: Sports illustrated, Field and Stream
Store/s: Jax, Sportsmans Warehouse, Home Depot
Sports Team: New England Patriots, Broncos
Hobby/s: Camping, Playing guitar, hunting, four-wheeling and snowboarding
Tea/ Coffee:Decaf with creamer
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater

Debbie Wood – 3rd Grade Teacher (7/1)

Candy Bar: Snickers; Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
Snack Food: popcorn; Trail Mix; nuts
Restaurant/s: PF Chang's , Read Lobster, anything Mexican
Soda: no soda, love a variety of lemonades
Books: Historic fiction; Biographies
Store/s: T.J. Max; old twon shops, Clothes Mentor
Sports Team: Detroit Red Wings (hockey)
Collectible Items: pottery
Hobby/s: Walking, Hiking/Camping, Reading, Board games
Tea/ Coffee: Not a fan of either; Love smoothies, though!
Theater or Movie Rental: theater
Classroom Needs: Stickers, Papermate inkJoy gel pen 7mm


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