Safety and Discipline


The Liberty Common School has a safety task force and emergency safety procedures. An Emergency Management Plan is available for review in the front office. In order to ensure the safe management of your child, each family must complete an Emergency Contact Form. This form must be updated whenever there is a change in address, home or work phone numbers, or emergency contacts. It is vital that parents keep the school office up-to-date with this information in case of personal or school emergencies.

Dog Policy

With the exception of registered service dogs, dogs are not allowed on Liberty Common School (LCS) property or at any LCS event. The full policy can be read here.


Minor infractions are generally handled by a student’s classroom teacher, but may also involve the Principal and/or Headmaster. Anytime a student is required to see the Principal or the Headmaster, a learning opportunity arises. Every student is encouraged to be responsible for this or her own actions, and students are instructed to share the incident with their parents. If and when necessary, the interaction between the student and the Principal or the Headmaster will be followed up with a phone call or written communication to the parents as soon as possible after the incident.

The Headmaster or Principal, or faculty members may assign consequences. Depending on the nature of the offense, damages to others, and continued pattern of offenses, consequences may include detentions, service, student behavior plans, fair remuneration, relinquishing privileges, apologies, required extra work, and/or activity restrictions. Should a situation become more severe, a parent conference will be required immediately. For major infractions, suspension procedures will be followed.

All detentions for discipline will be served soon after the infraction. If the discipline situation warrants notification of the parents, an attempt will be made to notify them the day the detention is given. Students serving a detention or suspension on the same day as an after school activity will not be allowed to participate in the activity until the detention is served. Any change in the detention or suspension date(s) will be at the discretion of the Principal or Headmaster.

Major infractions may require an immediate parent conference prior to suspension, during which time appropriate follow-up actions are discussed. These actions may include activity restrictions, creation of remedial student discipline plans, and requirement of parent to attend class with student for a specified time or other plans. Discipline referrals and suspensions become part of a student’s permanent record.

If a student has been given an In-School Detention or an Out-Of-School Suspension two or more times during the year, or if the student has received more than 8 tardies in a quarter, the Principal or Headmaster reserve the right to restrict the school events or field trips that the student may attend. All decisions concerning this matter will be made at the discretion of the Principal or Headmaster.

Junior High and High School discipline procedures will be developed separately. The above guidelines apply until further information is provided.

Formal Discipline Proceedings

Notes: According to CRS 22-33-105 2a) and b), a student may not be suspended for time exceeding 25 school days. Opportunities will be given for a student to make up school work during suspension; however, the school will determine the amount of credit the student shall receive for this makeup work.

Suspensions at The Liberty Common School can be assigned only by the Headmaster or Principal. Prior to suspension the student’s parent will be notified, and a parent conference will be required before the student returns to class. Notice of suspension shall be given in writing. An informal hearing will be offered to a parent and student after receipt of notice of suspension lasting less than 10 days, by the Headmaster or Principal. A parent conference involving the Headmaster or Principal, student, and student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) may be required before a student will be readmitted following a suspension. A suspension lasting more than 10 days will be given a formal hearing.


If the student continues to be disruptive and exhibits inappropriate behavior or actions, the student will be placed on levels. A level 1 is an indication that the student is exhibiting behavior or actions that are not acceptable. A level 2 status indicates that the student is continuing with the inappropriate actions or behavior.

A level 3 will result in expulsion from the school and the school district. The Liberty Common School reserves the right to place the student at any level at any point according to the severity of the offense.

Step 1, Initial suspension

An initial suspension will occur after a major infraction or a series of minor infractions, depending on the severity of the infraction(s). Step one, initial suspension, will include a minimum of a one-day, and a maximum of a ten-day suspension. A remedial student discipline plan may be created during the conference between parent, student, and Headmaster or Principal depending on the severity of the infraction. A parent-student-Headmaster or Principal conference may be required before student re-admittance to the classroom. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the student may or may not be placed on a level 1 at this point.

Step 2, Secondary suspension with remedial discipline plan review and revision

A secondary suspension is the second step of formal discipline proceedings and will occur after one or two major infractions following initial suspension, depending on severity of offense, and/or as a result of the student’s violation of his or her remedial discipline plan. Step 2 suspensions will include a minimum of two days and a maximum of no more than ten days total suspension. A required parent-student-Headmaster or Principal conference will be held before student is allowed to return to school. If a remedial student discipline plan already exists, it will be reviewed and revised. If a remedial student discipline plan has not been created as yet, one will be created for the student at this point. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the student may or may not be placed on a level 1 or 2 at this point.

Step 2, Final suspension

A final suspension from The Liberty Common School is the third and final step of formal discipline proceeding. After a final suspension, and prior to movement toward a declaration of “habitual disruption” (placing the student on a Level 3) or the expulsion proceedings, a student may appeal the decision and obtain a hearing from the representative of the Board of Directors. In addition, “The board of education of each district may deny admission to, or expel for any period not extending beyond one year, any child whom the board of education, in accordance with the limitations imposed by this article, shall determine does not qualify for admission to, or continued attendance at, the public schools of the district. (CRS 22-33-105 2c).

According to Colorado statute, a student may be declared habitually disruptive after being suspended three times in one year on the grounds set forth in CRS 11-33-106 for causing a material and substantial disruption in the class, on school grounds, on school vehicles, or at school activities or events because of behavior that was initiated, willful, and overt on the part of the student, and the suspensions were made for

  • Continual, willful disobedience or open and persistent defiance of proper authority;
  • Willful destruction or defacing of school property;
  • Behavior on or off school property, which is detrimental to the welfare or safety of other students or of school personnel;
  • Serious violations in a school building or in or out of school property;
  • Repeated interference with a school’s ability to provide educational opportunities to other students;
  • And other grounds found in CRS22-33-106(1)(a),(b),(c),(d), and (e).

Expulsion from The Liberty Common School shall be mandatory for the following violations:

  • Carrying, bringing, using, or possessing a dangerous weapon (including a firearm or firearm facsimile, any pellet, or BB gun or other device operational or not, designed to propel projectiles by spring action or compressed air, fixed blade knife with a blade that measures longer than three inches in length or a spring loaded knife with a blade longer than three and one-half inches, any object, device, instrument, material, or substance, whether animate or inanimate used or intended to be used to inflict death or serious bodily injury;
  • The sale or possession of a drug or controlled substance;
  • Death threats to other students or administration;
  • The commission of an act, which if committed by an adult would be robbery or assault other than third degree assault.

Expulsion is also mandatory if a student is declared habitually disruptive.

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