Welcome to the Music Department at Liberty Common School! Here you will find any information that you need about our program. Please feel free to look around! 

*Our concerts will continue to be split by grade level - due to the wonderful attendance by our parents and families, we have exceeded our space capacity in the performance hall. In an attempt to make concerts more comfortable for our audience and performers, the younger grade level will perform at 5:30, and then the next grade level will be at 6:30. Thank you for your continued support of our music program!*

November 11th - Third grade concert at 5:30, Fourth grade concert at 6:30
December 16 - Fifth g
rade band/choir concert at 5:30, Sixth grade band/choir concert at 6:30
February 4th - First grade concert at 5:30, Second grade concert at 6:30
April 7th - Kindergarten concert at 6:30

Performing Arts Calendar 2019-20