Teacher Wish List

Jenna Allen -6th Grade Teacher(6/8)

Candy Bar: Hershey’s with almonds or Almond Joy
Snack Food: pistachio nuts, Australian licorice, chips and salsa!
Restaurant/s: any downtown Fort Collins!
Cold Beverage: La Croix: Peach Pear and Coconut or Diet Coke/Pepsi
Type of Music: instrumental for classroom
Book or ebook: Christian Fiction or Classics
Store/s: TJ Maxx, Jax, Sierra Trading Post
Sports Team: The Liberty Eagles!
Collectible Items : not much of a collector=)
Hobby/s: reading, cooking/baking, running, hanging with family
Tea/ Coffee: coffee!!! Americano w/ a touch of white choc. and a splash of cream!
Theater or Movie Rental: Theatre…Cinemark
Classroom Needs: smell good candles, Thank You’s and/or Note cards…
Other Gift Ideas: Love the Fort Collins Downtown gift card…I can share it with my fam.!

Bob Arbaugh – Maintenance (11/20)

Candy Bar:
Snack Food:
Restaurant/s: Krazy Karls
Type of Music:
Book or ebook:
Store/s: King Soopers or Safeway
Collectible Items :
Theater or Movie Rental: Movie Pass (Cinemark)


Cassie Auble - Latin (11/05)

Candy: Snickers or Mike N Ikes
Snack Food: Ranch Doritos, BBQ Chips, Popcorn 
Restaurant/s: Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Fuzzy’s
Soda: Cherry Coke
Type of Music: Pop-Rock or Alternative Rock, 80s music!
Hobby/s: outdoor fun - hiking, running, swimming
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark

Katrina Brennan- 5th/6th Grade TA(12/21)

Candy Bar:  Andes candies, Peanut Butter M&Ms
Restaurant/s: Oreganos, Cafe Mexicali, Cafe de Bangkok, Chick-fil-a
Cold Beverage: LaCroix (or similar)
Store/s: Sprouts, TJ Maxx, Amazon, Trader Joes
Hobby/s: cooking, baking, board games
Tea/ Coffee: Flat White, Caramel Macchiato, Bengal Spice Tea
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark
Classroom Needs: stickers
Other Gift Ideas: candles or wax melts

Katie Bridge -2nd Grade Teacher( 8/1 )

Candy Bar: dark chocolate (no almonds please)
Snack Food: popcorn, pita chips and hummus 
Restaurant/s: Jessup Farm, Bindle Coffee, The Regional, any downtown Fort Collins!
Cold Beverage:  LaCroix
Type of Music: instrumental for the classroom

Book or ebook: book
Store/s: Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Target, Amazon
Sports Team: Baylor Bears, Broncos
Hobby/s: Cooking, Hiking, Reading
Tea/ Coffee: Both, Hazelnut Latte or Chai Tea Latte
Classroom Needs: stickers, thank you notes, read aloud books (or Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift card to purchase books, small prizes 

Jennifer Brown- 1st Grade Teacher (10/2 )

Candy Bar: Take 5
Snack Food: Swedish Fish, pistachios
Restaurant/s: Torchy’s, Cafe Athens
Cold Beverage: Iced tea
Type of Music: Anything!
Book or ebook: 
Store/s:  Target, Old Navy, J Crew
Sports Team: Go Navy!
Collectible Items: 
Hobby/s: Anything crafty
Tea/ Coffee: Nonfat Latte with 1 pump vanilla
Theater or Movie Rental: 
Classroom Needs: Any fun pens and stickers!
Other Gift Ideas: 

Jenny Cardenas – 5th Grade Teacher (2/5)

Candy Bar: Butterfinger, anything dark chocolate
Snack Food: salt and vinegar chips
Restaurant/s: Austin’s
Cold Beverage: Coke
Type of Music: all (iTunes card is good)
Sports Team: (none)
Book or ebook: books
Store/s: Amazon, Target
Collectible Items: (none)
Hobby/s: reading
Tea/ Coffee: Coffee, caramel macchiato
Theater or Movie Rental: AMC theaters or Redbox
Classroom Needs: book ends, games, stickers, scented wax bars, blank notecards, thank you cards
Other Gift Ideas: nail polish (any color), easy care plants for classroom

Casey Churchill – Elementary Principal (11/5)

Candy Bar: Kit Kat
Snack Food: Beefy jerky
Restaurant: Suehiro’s
Cold Beverage: Pepsi
Type of Music: Rock
Author: Anything non- fiction
Store: Jax
Collectible: Yo-yos
Hobby: Adventure motorcycling, telemark skiing, fly fishing
Tea or Coffee: Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: Either
Other Gift Ideas:

Amy Clemens - Music (8/10)


Candy Bar: White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate, no wheat or nuts
Snack Food: Popcorn, gluten-free treats
Restaurant/s: Qdoba, TCBY, Hu-hot, Panera
Cold Beverage:
Type of Music: iTunes
Store/s: Target, Amazon, Hobby Lobby
Sports Team: Broncos or Philadelphia Eagles
Collectible Items : Jewelry
Hobby/s: Hiking, biking, music
Tea/ Coffee: Starbucks
Theater or Movie Rental: Movie
Classroom Needs: rhythm instruments, music posters, classical cds, colored pencils
Other Gift Ideas:

Lori DeTomasi – 3rd Grade T.A. (07/24)


Candy Bar: Snickers
Snack Food: Boulder Chips
Restaurants:  Downtown Fort Collins
Cold Beverage: La-Croix Sparkling Water
Favorite Coffee Shop:  Starry Night
Favorite Coffee:  Skinny Mocha
Type Music:  Oldies
Book or ebook: 
Hobby: Soap Making
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark
Classroom Needs:
Other Gift Ideas:

Andrea DeVany- Kindergarten Teacher (01/05)

Candy Bar: Nuance Chocolate Bars, Reeces Peanut Butter Cup
Snack Food: Dried Fruit, nuts

Restaurants: Otto Pint, LaLuz, Any Restaurant Downtown Fort Collins
Cold Beverage: 
Type of Music: Classical, Alternative, Rock
Book or ebook: Historical Fiction
Store: Old Town Stores
Sports Team: Broncos
Hobbies: Snow Skiing, Hiking, Biking, Anything outdoors
Tea/Coffee: Loose leaf teas, and chocolate flavor coffees
Theater: Cinemark, Metrolux
Classroom Needs: Stickers
Other Gift Ideas:


Terra Drobny – IT Support (12/10)

Candy Bar: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
Snack Food: Zone Perfect or One Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars,   Roasted Cashews,Teriyaki Beef Strip Bars
Restaurant/s: BJ’s.  Texas Roadhouse
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Hot Beverage: Daz Bog Snickerdoodle Steamer
Type of Music: Everything but metal (secular) and rap, especially Skillet, TobyMac, for King and Country.  
Book or ebook: Kindle
Store/s: Amazon, Target
Sports Team: Rockies, Broncos, Cubs, Avalanche, Colorado Eagles
Collectible Items: 
Hobby/s: Scrapbooking, Zumba, Mountain Biking
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark Theater




Meghan Duran – 3rd Grade Teacher (01/05)

Candy Bar: 100 Grand, Kit Kat

Snack Food: Pretzels, Dried Fruit, Nuts
Restaurants:  Fuzzy Taco
Cold Beverage: La-Croix Sparkling Water
Favorite Coffee Shop:  Starbucks
Favorite Coffee:  Americano on ice
Type Music:  Classical
Book or ebook: Any childrens book
Hobby: Anything outdoors, Rockies baseball 
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark




Natalie Dybzinski- Nurse (6/5)

Candy Bar: dark chocolate

Snack Food: popcorn, nuts
Restaurant/s: love trying fun restaurants in Old Town, but really like going anywhere I don’t have to cook!
Type of Music: classical
Book or ebook: kindle books (Amazon)
Store/s: Target, TJ Maxx, Trader Joe’s
Sports Team: Colorado Rockies
Hobby/s: reading, working out, gardening, fun family outings, going to the spa
Tea/Coffee: Coffee or tea, but mostly coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: anything to help the health office look warm and friendly


Kathy Elder-AST Para (2/25)

Candy:  Dark Chocolate
Snacks: Dark chocolate
Restaurant: Any Italian
Cold beverage: La Croix
Books or ebooks:  Amazon gift cert
Stores: Amazon
Sports: biking 
Hobbies: books
Tea/Coffee: Starbucks caramel machiatto or similar, Keurig dark roast 


Jodi Fraser - 4th Grade T.A. (9/5)

Candy Bar: Peanut M&M’s, Anything Dark Chocolate
Snack Food: Chips & Salsa, Any kind of nuts
Restaurant/s: Lucille’s, Snooze, Suehiro, Fiona’s, Panino's
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper, Tangerine LaCroix
Type of Music: All types
Book or ebook: Books
Store/s: Target, Cozy Cottage, Hobby Lobby, Anywhere Downtown F.C.
Sports Team: Liberty!
Hobby/s: Cooking, Crafting, Reading, Spending time with my family
Tea/ Coffee: Both! Love Plain Latte’s and Earl Grey Tea Latte’s
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: LOVE paper mate flair pens, cardstock
Other Gift Suggestions:





Sherilyn Galeener – 2nd Grade Teacher (9/4)

Candy Bar: Snickers, Cashew Cookie Lara Bar, Cranberry Almond Kind Bar
Snack Food: Trail mix, Baked Potato Chips, Popcorn
Restaurant/s: Panera, Jaws Sushi, Downtown Fort Collins
Cold Beverage:  LaCroix
Type of Music: I-tunes, Amazon
Book or ebook: either; Amazon
Store/s: Target, King Soopers
Sports Team: CSU Rams, Broncos
Hobby/s: Beading, Cooking, Traveling, Reading
Tea/ Coffee: Both, Starbucks’ Iced Nonfat Chai
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card for books
Other Gift Ideas: I am allergic to most flowers.


Paige Gowing – Librarian (10/21)

Candy Bar: Sour Patch Kids
Snack Food: Funyuns
Restaurant/s: Chick Fil A, McDonald's Noodles and Company
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Pop/Country Taylor Swift
Sports Team: CSU Rams
Book or ebook: Book
Store/s: Target, Sephora, World Market, Barnes and Noble
Collectible Items: Salt and pepper shakers
Hobby/s: reading, writing, embroidery, biking
Tea/ Coffee: Tea (Plantation Mint)
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater…Cinemark
Classroom Needs: bookends, chalk, red stamp pad, bookmarks
Other Gift Ideas:


Erin Grandprey – Art(6/4)

Candy Bar: Heath, Snickers, Swedish Fish
Snack Food: Popcorn, Potato Chips
Restaurant/s: Oregano's, Chic-fil-A, Chipotle, Mod Pizza
Cold Beverage: Pepsi
Type of Music: Acoustic Rock, Ska
Book or ebook: Either, B&N, Amazon
Store/s: Barnes & Noble, Amazon
Sports Team: Phoenix Suns
Hobby/s: Snowboarding, Archery
Tea/ Coffee: Starbucks, Dazbog
Theater or Movie Rental: Either
Classroom Needs: Art Aprons




Andrea Green-3rd Grade TA

Candy Bar = Reese’s Peanut Butter cups
Snack Food = healthy snacks! 
Restaurants = PF Chang’s Austin’s Rio
Cold Beverage = Sprite or Izzy
Type of Music = Any honestly! But Reggae is my fav
Book = Surprise me! I read all recommendations!
Store = Target
Sports Tram = CSU 
Collectible Items = my family started giving me owls so I guess that is a collection! 
Hobbies = photography, kayaking and camping
Coffee = I do drink coffee (Starbucks)
Theatre or movie rental = Cinemark Movie Bistro
Classroom Needs = anything Mrs. Wood needs!




Tara Greenacre 5th Grade TA(7/7)

Candy: York Peppermints, dark chocolate caramel
Snacks: salt and vinegar chips, trail mix
Restaurant: Red Robin, Texas Roadhouse, Panino's
Cold beverage: Root Beer
Type of Music: Christian, oldies
Books or ebooks: Amazon or Barnes & Noble - historical fiction
Stores: Amazon, DSW, Hobby Lobby
Collectibles: snowmen, anything Montana
Hobbies: reading, hiking, organizing, spending time with family
Tea/Coffee: Coffee! Caramel Macchiato, anything caramel
Theater or Movie Rentals: theater
Classroom needs: blank or thank you cards

Bev Hanawalt – Director of Operations (1/22)

Candy Bar: Reese’s
Snack Food: Popcorn
Restaurant: Any
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Christian
Author: Christian
Store: Joanne’s Fabrics
Collectible: Amish
Hobby: Scrap booking/ baking/Quilting
Tea/ Coffee: Tea
Theater or Movie Rental: Movie



Nancy Harmon -AST Para :(10/30 )

Candy: Crunch bars, or any candy bar 
Snacks: Pretzels
Restaurant: Chilis
cold beverage:  Coke
Books:  mystery or historical fiction
Stores: Target, amazon
Hobbies: Reading
Tea/Coffee:  iced tea, or hot vanilla latte
Theater: any


Elissa Hersh- 5th Grade Teacher (1/21)

Candy Bar: Snickers, Butterfingers
Snack Food: trail mix, bananas, popcorn 
Restaurant/s: any! 
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: iTunes gift cards
Book or ebook: Barnes and Noble gift cards
Store/s: Target, anything that sells sporting goods
Sports Team: New Zealand All Blacks rugby
Collectible Items: Anything running related
Hobby/s: reading, running, spending time with family
Tea/ Coffee: coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: rental
Classroom Needs: 
Other Gift Ideas:  

Rachel Hickman- 5th Grade Teacher (1/22)

Candy Bar: Snickers, Twix, Oreos
Snack Food: Hummus and Chips, Trail mixes
Restaurant: The Melting Pot, BJ’s, Suhiro, Stuft Burger
Cold Beverage: Sprite, IBC root beer (in glass bottles)
Book: Barnes and Noble gift card
Store: Target, Runners Roost, Dicks Sporting Goods, Prana, Lululemon, Amazon, Europa Salon and Spa
Sports Team: All Colorado teams! I love sports gear and clothing 
Hobby: Running, Yoga, Hiking, Reading, Board Games
Tea or Coffee: Both, especially local or fair trade
Theater or Movie: Both, we love movies
Classroom Needs: seat cushions and wiggle seats, Knowledge Bound gift card, academic board or card games for ELO and indoor recess, painted walls
Other Gift Ideas: Downtown Fort Collins gift card, tickets to plays/ballets/theaters, easy care plants



Angela Horton- 1st Grade (11/11)


Candy Bar: Skor, Heath, Chili chocolate, dark chocolate with berries
Snack Food: Savory and salty, spicy!, and dark chocolate
Restaurant/s: Mexican, Asian, Fish, Austin’s, Italian………anything yummy!
Type of Music: Christian, Country, variety
Author: Christian
Store/s: Bed, Bath & Beyond, Clothes Mentor, Target, Repeat Boutique, World Market, Home Goods, Wal-Mart
Collectible Items: Cookbooks
Hobby/s: Cooking, gardening, camping, walking
Tea/ Coffee: Flavored coffees…..vanilla, pumpkin, hazelnut
Theater or Movie Rental: Both
Classroom Needs: Read-aloud books on Kindergarten math concepts
Other Gift Ideas:

Elizabeth Howe - 4th Grade Teacher (9/16)

Candy Bar: Reeses, anything with dark chocolate or peanut butter, oreos.
Snack Food: popcorn, tortilla chips and hummus/guacamole, peanut butter, trail mix, fruit.
Restaurant/s: BREAKFAST (Silver Grill) Chinese (Young’s), Italian (Macaroni Grill)
Cold Beverage: Raspberry Spindrift, Chocolate milk, Arnold Palmer, flavored lemonade.
Type of Music: Everything except hard rock and heavy metal. Classical for the classroom.
Book or ebook: Historical fiction (World War II time period), Biographies, Classics, Agatha Christie mysteries, 
Store/s: Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Target, Amazon, King Soopers, Trader Joe’s.
Hobby/s: Cooking, Hiking, Reading, Baking, running
Tea/ Coffee: Both- Herbal teas. Sweet Coffee: Regular coffee with honey, cream, and cinnamon. iced, blended, or hot. Lattes and Breves! Human Bean, Starbucks.
Theater or Movie Rental: Both
Gift ideas: Giftcards!
Classroom Needs: Director’s chair/reading chair.

Hobbies: Hiking, biking, outdoor activities, reading.  


Nancy Hoyer -Music (8/9)

Candy Bar: Dark chocolate
Snack Food: anything gluten/dairy free
Restaurant/s: Nori, any sushi
Cold Beverage: unsweetened tea
Type of Music: Classical
Book or ebook: book
Store/s: Target
Sports Team: Patriots
Collectible Items : plants
Hobby/s: quilting, skiing, exercising
Tea/ Coffee: Tea
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: Jolly Ranchers
Other Gift Ideas: 

Rob Huey 6th Grade Teacher (6/8)

Candy Bar: Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats
Snack Food: Skinny Pop (regular), Fruit (grapes, pineapple, strawberries, pears)
Restaurant/s: Old Town, Jimmy Johns
Cold Beverage: Diet Coke
Type of Music: Alternate/Rock
Book or ebook: ebook (itunes and Amazon in particular)
Store/s: Target
Sports Team: Broncos
Collectible Items :nothing
Hobby/s: swimming/coaching, skiing
Tea/ Coffee: Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: None at this time
Any other Gift Suggestions:

Kat James- 3rd Grade Teacher (7/12)

Candy Bar: Snickers, Reese's, or any milk chocolate
Snack Food: Dried Fruit or Popcorn 
Restaurants: anything in Old Town Fort Collins! 
Cold Beverage: Seltzer Water (flavored or unflavored) or iced tea
Favorite Coffee or Tea Drink: Green Tea, Matcha Green Tea Latte, or Vanilla Chai Latte
Stores: Nordstrom Rack, Sephora, Meraki Yoga Studio, Lulu Lemon, J. Crew
Book or ebook: both; Barns & Noble, Amazon
Hobby(ies): Reading, hiking, yoga

Heidi Jobman -Kindergarten TA

Candy Bar:any but especially chocolate w/ peanut butter
Snack Food: nuts, cheese

Restaurant/s: Ginger Baker, The Union, The French Bakery

Cold Beverage: sparkling water

Type of Music: Christian

Book or ebook: Book: Jane Eyre

Store/s: Hobby Lobby
Sports Team:

Collectible Items
Hobby/s: Gardening, sewing, reading

Tea/ Coffee: coffee, Bindle,Human Bean
Theater or Movie Rental: Both
Classroom Needs:
Other Gift Ideas:

Keri Jurgens- 6th Grade Teacher (10/13)

Candy Bar: Dark Chocolate, truffles
Snack Food: anything gluten free, Kind Bars
Restaurant/s: Cafe Vino, The Kitchen, anything in Old Town
Cold Beverage: Diet Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Jazz, Classical(Itunes or Google Play)
Book or ebook: ebook(Amazon.com)
Store/s: Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Amazon
Tea/ Coffee: Earl Grey
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: None right now
Other Gift Ideas: Gift cards

Matt Kazy - AST Coordinator (11/10)

Candy Bar: Milky Way
Snack Food: Almonds
Restaurants: Pizza and Chinese
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Classical Piano
Book or Ebook: Leadership books and historical biographies
Stores: sporting goods
Sports Team: Colorado Rapids

Kit Kirby- Kindergarten TA (10/26)

Candy Bar: Twix
Snack Food: Takis fuego
Restaurant/s: Korean BBQ, Smokin Fins
Cold Beverage: Coconut Water
Type of Music: Easy, upbeat music
Book or ebook: Audiobook
Store/s: Target, Clothes Mentor, Thrift stores
Sports Team: None
Collectible Items: None
Hobby/s: Random craft projects
Tea/ Coffee: Salted caramel black tea/Flavored coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: Redbox
Classroom Needs: Volunteers!
Other Gift Ideas: Body Scrub, OPI nail polishes,Perfume, Bluetooth earbuds.

Christie King-AST Para (5/24)

Candy Bar: Snickers
Snack Food: Roasted nuts 
Restaurant/s: Torchy's Tacos, PF Chang
Cold Beverage: Lemonade or Iced Tea
Type of Music: contemporary Christian or 
Book or ebook: mysteries by Charles Todd or Anne Perry
Store/s: Target
Sports Team: CSU Rams or Clemson 
Collectible Items: baking supplies of all sorts
Hobby/s: sewing or baking
Tea/ Coffee: Loose leaf tea
Theater or Movie Rental: Netflix

Becky Kleen- Kindergarten Teacher( 2/15)

Candy Bar:  Twix or Kit Kat
Snack Food:  Pretzels, Popcorn
Restaurant/s:  Mexican, Italian
Soda:  Unsweetened Iced Tea
Type of Music:  Christian
Book or ebook:  Book
Collectible Items :  Precious Moments
Sports Team:  Broncos
Hobby/s:  Reading, Skiing, Hiking
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater

Stores:  Amazon, Kohls, Target
Classroom Needs:  Knowledge Bound Gift Card

Andrzej Kusmierkiewicz – Maintenance (4/15)

Candy Bar:
Snack Food:
Type of Music:
Book or ebook:
Store/s: King Soopers gift card
Collectible Items :

Theater or Movie Rental:

Celia LeVasseur-Kindergarten TA(3/10)

Candy Bar: Peanut M&Ms, Twix, Heath
Snack Food: Hippeas, pistachios
Restaurant/s: Chick fil a, Cava, Austins
Cold Beverage: La Croix grapefruit, Ginger ale
Type of Music: Christian, classical
Book or ebook: book
Store/s: Target, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx
Sports Team: Green Bay Packers
Collectible Items Kindergarten artwork
Hobby/s: Reading, biking, baking, hiking, kayaking
Tea/ Coffee: Mocha, Chai
Theater or Movie Rental: AMC theater
Classroom Needs: 
Other Gift Ideas:

Melissa Miller -Health Tech (2/2)

Candy Bar: Payday, Hershey Almond Bar, or Trolli Sour Gummy Worms
Snack Food: Pretzels. Teddy Grams (honey or chocolate), Popcorn
Restaurant/s: 5 guys, Hacienda Real, BJ’s
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Itunes
Book or ebook: Barnes and Noble (the old-fashioned way)
Store/s: JCP, World Market, Jo-Ann Fabrics
Sports Team: Broncos, Colorado Eagles, Avalanche
Collectible Items: Bracelets and Scarves
Hobby/s: Reading, Cooking, Photography
Tea/ Coffee: Dutch Brothers
Theater or Movie Rental: Both

Jay Montez- Facilities(5/28)

Candy: Snickers or Skittles
Snacks: fruit
Restaurant: Anything not solely vegetarian 
Cold beverage: beer 
Books or ebooks: all books
Stores: Jax
Sports: any
Hobbies: cooking, baking, fermentation
Tea/Coffee: coffee
Theater or Movie Rentals: Lyric Cinema 

JoAnne Morrison- 2nd Grade TAS(12/9)

Candy Bar: snickers, chocolate 
Snack Food: popcorn, nuts
Restaurant/s: Olive Garden, Rainbow
Cold Beverage: La Croix sparkling water
Type of Music: 80’s
Book or ebook: Anything from the Great Books list
Store/s: Macy’s 
Sports Team: Rockies, broncos
Collectible Items: handmade coffee mugs
Hobby/s: yoga, walking, outdoors 
Tea/ Coffee: Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks 
Theater or Movie Rental: cinemark theatres
Classroom Needs:
Other Gift Ideas: Yankee candles 

Lisa Murphy – Paraprofessional (2/25)

Candy Bar: Reeses, Butterfinger, Almond Joy
Snack Food: Trail mix
Restaurant/s: BBQ, Mexican, Italian
Cold Beverage: root beer
Type of Music: Christian
Book or ebook: Book
Store/s: Kohl’s, Dress Barn, Target
Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys, Colorado Avalanche
Collectible Items : Picture frames
Hobby/s: Cooking, scrapbooking, camping, fishing
Tea/ Coffee: Tea
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater & Red box
Classroom Needs: Organization tools

Jodi Nance -2nd Grade TA (7/24)

Candy Bar: Twix, Milky Way, red vines, any gummies, lollipops
Snack Food:  Dried fruit, granola bars, nuts, crackers,
Restaurant/s: 415, The Regional
Cold Beverage: Coke, Sprite 
Type of Music: Alternantive
Book or ebook: Tom Robbins
Store/s: Kansas City Kitty
Sports Team: CU Buffs
Hobby/s: Yoga, visiting coffee shops, being outside 
Tea/ Coffee: Vanilla latte
Theater or Movie Rental: any
Classroom Needs: stickers, magnets

Tracy Nichols- Art (4/9)

Snack Food: Fruit, sugarless gum, and honey for the tea
Hobbies: Drawing, painting, and being outdoors
Tea: Decaf Herbal Teas, Green Tea, Cinnamon Apple Spice, Mandarin Orange, and Peppermint Teas
Any other Gift Suggestions: Barnes and Noble and Hobby Lobby cards are great for special Art supplies and Art reference books for the art room.

Cherie Pedersen-2nd Grade Teacher (5/23)

Candy Bar: Butterfinger
Snack Food: Indiana Popcorn, nuts (healthy snacks)
Restaurant/s: Youngs Vietnamese Restaurants, Red Lobster, Egg and I
Soda: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Contemporary Music
Book or ebook: ebooks
Store/s: Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby, Target
Hobby/s: reading, scrapbooking
Tea/ Coffee: Herbal mint, Green teas, Chi Late, Starbucks, Green Mountain Hazelnut K-Cup
Classroom Needs: Knowledge Bound Gift Card

Savannah Pullin - Kindergarten Teacher (7/8)

Candy Bar: dark chocolate, red licorice 
Snack Food: fruit, popcorn, kettle chips
Restaurant/s: Garbonzo, Chipotle, Rainbow 
Drink: La Croix
Favorite Coffee Shop: Little Bird Bakeshop, Starbucks
Favorite Coffee or Tea Drink: Black coffee, tea!
Type of Music: all types
Book or ebook: history, fiction, inspirational, vegetarian cookbooks
Collectible Items : gifts made with love by little hands
Hobby(ies): hiking, biking, running, watching netflix
Classroom Needs: PaperMate flair pens, stickie notes of all sizes

Nicole Ranstrom– 1st Grade T.A. (5/17)

Snack Food: unsalted cashews, shelled pistachios, dried apples
Restaurant/s: Modern Market, First Watch, Chipotle
Cold Beverage: La Croix (any flavor other than lime, orange, or lemon); fruit flavored teas, Coconut water
Book or ebook: feel-good, Hallmark-esk
Store/s: Target, Trader Joe's, Sprouts, Amazon
Sports Team: MN Vikings football, Colorado Rapids soccer
Hobby/s: playing soccer, watching movies, board games
Tea/ Coffee: Oat milk latte 
Theater or Movie Rental: Movie theater   

Donny Reeves – Physical Education Teacher (11/28)

 Candy Bar: Whatchamacallit and Cherry taffy bars
Snack Food: Chex mix and corn nuts (any flavors)
Restaurant/s: Red Robin, Red Lobster, Hacienda Real
Soda: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Anything upbeat and good for gym class
Store/s: Jax, Sportsmans Warehouse, Kohl’s
Sports Team: Broncos!
Collectible Items: Labrador Retriever Items
Hobby/s: Hunting, fishing, All sports
Tea/ Coffee: Flavored Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: Any decent shape P.E. equipment

Cindy Roerty- 6th Grade TA (5/8)

Candy Bar: Mounds, Reeses, Dark Chocolate
Snack Food: Salted almonds, trail mix, Sweet & Salty, Chocolate Eclairs
Restaurant/s: Qdoba, Cafe Athens, The Blue Iguana, Zquila, La Buena Vida, BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse
Soda/Drink: Arnold Palmer, coffee, no soda 
Type of Music:  acapella, christian, christmas, 
Book or ebook: 
Collectible Items : Any item from foreign countries 
Theater or Movie Rental: Any movie theater
Stores:  Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's, JC Penny
Pets: Dogs

Amy Robinson - 4th Grade TA ()

Candy Bar: Reese's, anything with caramel or peanut butter, Dots, Mike and Ike's
Snack Food: Popcorn, trail mix varieties
Restaurant/s: Union, Fuzzy's, Italian and Mexican

Cold Beverage: Key Lime La Croix

Type of Music: country, pop, oldies, 80's rock

Book or ebook: both

Store/s: Target, Scheels, HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby
Sports Team: Broncos

Collectible Items
Hobby/s: Reading, remodeling, lake time

Tea/ Coffee: Both - fruity or chamomile hot tea, or unsweet iced tea, or flavored lattes
Theater or Movie Rental: Rentals - Amazon
Classroom Needs: fun pens, pencil holder
Other Gift Ideas: Color Street nail polish

Jill Ronen - Receptionist (1/11)

Candy Bar: Anything dark chocolate with peanut butter or caramel and
sea salt
Snack Food: Any nuts
Restaurant/s: Nay restaurants in Old Town
Soda: Flavored sparkling water
Type of Music: All types except hard rock and Jazz
Book or ebook: Book
Store/s: White Balcony, Clothes Mentor, Target, Fine and Funky, Nordstrom Rack
Sports Team: CSU-love any college sports
Collectible Items : Crosses
Hobby/s: camping, hiking, walking, reading, watching college sports, traveling and spending time w/my family and friends
Tea/ Coffee: Coffee and chai tea with low fat milk
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom needs: scented oil diffuser

Steve Ronen – 4th Grade Teacher (9/14)

Candy Bar: Peanut M&M's
Snack Food: Nuts, Popcorn
Restaurant: Krazy Karl's, Austin’s
Type of Music: Classical or country
Author: David MCCullough (SP)
Store: Target
Sports Team: Notre Dame
Hobby: Walking, reading, attending auctions
Theater or Movie Rental: Theaters
Classroom: candles, headphones

Julie Russell - Registrar (3/9)

Candy Bar: Hershey’s w/Almonds, Reeses
Snack Food: Almonds, Cashews, Pretzels, Milano Cookies
Restaurant: Wendy’s, Red Robin, Olive Garden
Soda: Pepsi
Type of Music: Country, Classical, Pop, Jazz, Contemporary Christian
Author: Bodie Thoene, Max Lucado, Historical Fiction, Cookbook, Biographies
and Autobiographies
Store: Target, Old Navy, Hobby Lobby
Sports Team: Broncos, Rockies, CSU, CU
Hobby: Hiking, Biking, Reading, Skiing
Tea or Coffee: Hazelnut Coffee, Any teas
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark, Blockbuster
Other gift suggestions: Candles, Lotions, Bath gels, etc.

Jeff Siener- 4th Grade Teacher (11/27)

Candy Bar: Heath Bar & 100 Grand Bar
Snack Food: Trail Mix
Soda: Rootbeer
Type of Music: Anything Google Play
Book or ebook: Books from Amazon
Restaurant: La Buena Vida
Store: Sheels or REI
Collectible Items : Bicycles
Hobby/s: Cycling, Skiing, Fly Fishing, Photography
Tea/ Coffee: Hot Chocolate
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: Board Games

Sandy Stoltzfus – Asst Principal (8/13)

Candy Bar:
Snack Food:
Type of Music:
Book or ebook:
Collectible Items :
Theater or Movie Rental:

Amy Tamez – 1st Grade Teacher (11/18)

Candy Bar: Dark Chocolate
Snack Food: Popcorn, pretzels
Restaurant/s: Qdoba, Panera, Mad Greens, Austins
Soda: Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi
Store/s: Hobby Lobby, Bath & Body Works, Target
Collectible Items: Childrens’ books
Hobby/s: Scrapbooking
Tea/ Coffee: Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: Stickers
Other Gift Ideas:

Trisah Wadsworth-AST(12 /11)

Candy Bar: Milky Way, Hershey with almonds  
Snack Food: dried fruit, nuts, peanut butter pretzel bites
Restaurant/s: downtown restaurants, DC Oakes, Rush Bowls
Cold Beverage: iced tea, LaCroix 
Type of Music: all
Book or ebook: book 
Store/s: Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Nordstrom Rack  
Sports Team: Liberty Eagles 
Collectible Items : none 
Hobby/s: camping, cooking, walking 
Tea/ Coffee: nonfat chai tea
Theater or Movie Rental: Redbox
Classroom Needs: thank you notes, stickers
Other Gift Ideas: Gift cards are wonderful!

Erica Wightman- 1st Grade TA

Store/s: Amazon, Target

Jon Wilcox- Physical Education (8/24)

Candy Bar: Reeses
Snack Food: barbeque chips
Restaurant/s: Red Lobster, Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden
Type of Music: Anything but rap!
Book or ebook: Sports illustrated, Field and Stream
Store/s: Jax, Sportsmans Warehouse, Home Depot
Sports Team: New England Patriots, Broncos
Hobby/s: Camping, Playing guitar, hunting, four-wheeling and snowboarding
Tea/ Coffee:Decaf with creamer
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater

Debbie Wood – 3rd Grade Teacher (7/1)

Candy Bar: Snickers; Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
Snack Food: popcorn; Trail Mix; nuts
Restaurant/s: PF Chang's , Red Lobster, anything Mexican
Soda: no soda, love a variety of lemonades
Books: Historic fiction; Biographies
Store/s: T.J. Max; old town shops, Clothes Mentor
Sports Team: Detroit Red Wings (hockey)
Collectible Items: pottery
Hobby/s: Walking, Hiking/Camping, Reading, Board games
Tea/ Coffee: Not a fan of either; Love smoothies, though!
Theater or Movie Rental: theater
Classroom Needs: Stickers, Papermate inkJoy gel pen 7mm
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