Staff Wishlist - Aristotle

Ana Bennion - 1st Grade Teacher

candy bar - Ferrero rochet, dove dark chocolate, caramello
store- TJ Maxx, HomeGoods
snack- protein bars
food/restaurant(s)- Rita's Italian Ice, Panhandlers Pizza, Rush Bowls
drink type(s) -Loose Leaf Tea from Happy Lucky's Tea Shop. (Sky Ranch and Raspberry Chocolate are my favorites)
music- Classical music, covers of pop songs, house music
book genres- Autobiography or historical fiction
collectible(s)-Pens, (0.5 point are my favorite)
hobby(s)- Singing, hiking, running

John Bradley - 3rd Grade TA

Candy Bar: Anything fruity or chocolate, peanut butter
Snack Food: Chips and Queso
Restaurant/s: anything
Soda: none
Type of Music: any 
Book or ebook: fiction
Store/s: Barnes and Noble / Amazon
Collectible Items :
Hobby/s: Hiking, Backpacking
Tea/ Coffee: Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark
Classroom  needs: None

AdriAnna Breuer - Kindergarten TA

Candy Bar: Reeses, Butterfinger, KitKat
Snack Food: Trail mix, jerky
Restaurant/s: Jaws Sushi, Waltzing Kangaroo, Bad Burger
Soda: Root Beer, Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Electro-Swing, Big Band, Country
Book or ebook: Anything sci-fi or fantasy
Store/s: JoAnn Fabric, Barnes and Noble
Hobby/s: Sewing, Baking, Reading/Writing
Tea/ Coffee: Anise (licorice) tea, Genmaicha tea, Earl Grey tea; Coffee - raspberry mocha, caramel mocha, mint anything

Casey Churchill - Principal (11/5)

Candy Bar: Kit Kat
Snack Food: Beef jerky
Restaurant: Suehiro’s
Cold Beverage: Pepsi
Type of Music: Rock
Author: Anything non- fiction
Store: Jax
Collectible: Yo-yos
Hobby: Adventure motorcycling, telemark skiing, fly fishing
Tea or Coffee: Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: Either
Other Gift Ideas:

Zoey Ciepiela - PE

Candy Bar: Reese's peanut butter cups 
Snack Food: Beef jerky 
Restaurant/s: ANY Mexican Food 
Soda: Dr. Pepper 
Type of Music: Country
Book or ebook: C.S. Lewis 
Store/s: Target 
Collectible Items: None 
Hobby/s: Cooking and hiking 
Tea/ Coffee: Cafe Latte 
Theater or Movie Rental: Any 
Classroom  needs: None 

Marnie Dame - Health Tech/Registrar

Candy Bar: Heath Bar & Three Musketeers 
Snack Food: Beef jerky, cookies
Restaurant/s: Star of India, Torchy's Tacos, Waltzing Kangaroo, Austin's 
Soda: Root Beer
Type of Music: 
Book or ebook: Audible, Barnes and Noble
Store/s: Amazon, Target
Collectible Items : 
Hobby/s: Scrapbooking, embroidery, board games
Tea/ Coffee: Iced Chai Latte
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark
Classroom  needs:

Marcia Davis - Art

Candy Bar: Sugar free milk chocolate or candy
Snack Food: Cheese Sun Chips 
Restaurant/s: Red Robin or Oregano's
Soda: Diet Pepsi
Type of Music: Sad Songs
Book or ebook: Art Books or How to Art Books
Collectible Items : frogs/bats/Impressionism
Hobby/s: Reading/Painting/Sleeping/Art Museums
Theater or Movie Rental: I love the Movie Bistro by the Mall!

Mike Domanik - 3rd Grade Teacher

Candy Bar: Baby Ruth
Snack Food: Salt & Vinegar Chips
Restaurant/s: Red Robin
Soda: Pepsi
Store/s: Dick's Sporting Goods
Collectible Items : Anything WI Sports related
Hobby/s: Hiking
Theater or Movie Rental: AMC Threatres 

Terra Drobny - IT (12/10)

Candy Bar: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Butterfingers, , Anything we sea salt carmel
Snack Food: Zone Perfect or One Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars,   Roasted Cashews,Teriyaki Beef Jerky
Restaurant/s: BJ’s.  Texas Roadhouse
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Hot Beverage: Daz Bog Snickerdoodle Steamer
Type of Music: Everything but metal (secular) and rap, especially Skillet, TobyMac, for King and Country.  
Book or ebook: Kindle
Store/s: Amazon, Target
Sports Team: Rockies, Broncos, Cubs, Avalanche, Colorado Eagles
Collectible Items: 
Hobby/s: Card Making, Board Games, Mountain Biking, Escape Rooms and Puzzles
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark Theater

Kathy Elder - AST (2/25)

Candy:  Dark Chocolate
Snacks: Dark chocolate
Restaurant: Any Italian
Cold beverage: La Croix
Books or ebooks:  Amazon gift cert
Stores: Amazon
Sports: biking 
Hobbies: books
Tea/Coffee: Starbucks caramel machiatto or similar, Keurig dark roast 

Jodi Fraser - 4th Grade TA (9/5)

Candy Bar: Peanut M&M’s, Anything Dark Chocolate
Snack Food: Chips & Salsa, Any kind of nuts
Restaurant/s: Lucille’s, Snooze, Suehiro, Fiona’s, Panino's
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper, Tangerine LaCroix
Type of Music: All types
Book or ebook: Books
Store/s: Target, Cozy Cottage, Hobby Lobby, Anywhere Downtown F.C.
Sports Team: Liberty!
Hobby/s: Cooking, Crafting, Reading, Spending time with my family
Tea/ Coffee: Both! Love Plain Latte’s and Earl Grey Tea Latte’s
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: LOVE paper mate flair pens, cardstock
Other Gift Suggestions:

Paige Gowing - Libarian (10/21)

Candy Bar: Sour Patch Kids
Snack Food: Funyuns
Restaurant/s: Chick Fil A, McDonald's Noodles and Company
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Pop/Country Taylor Swift
Sports Team: CSU Rams
Book or ebook: Book
Store/s: Target, Sephora, World Market, Barnes and Noble
Collectible Items: Salt and pepper shakers
Hobby/s: reading, writing, embroidery, biking
Tea/ Coffee: Tea (Plantation Mint)
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater…Cinemark
Classroom Needs: bookends, chalk, red stamp pad, bookmarks
Other Gift Ideas:

Chris Hanna - Facilities

Candy Bar:  Snickers - Peanut M&M's -  Hershey's  Milk Chocolate Bars
Snack Food: Beef Jerky - Cheese It's - Dill Pickles
Restaurant/s: Deli Works - Anything Mexican - Pizza
Soda: Pepsi
Type of Music: 50's, 60's and 70's Rock - Bluegrass - Country
Book or ebook: Both
Store/s: Amazon - Kohl's - Target
Sports Team: Liberty Eagles
Collectible Items : Not a collector.
Hobby/s: Reading (suspense and biographies) Bike riding - Gardening
Tea/ Coffee: Tea - Mocha Breve's - Mocha Frappe's
Theater or Movie Rental: neither
Office needs: 

Dennis Hoburg - Facilities

Nancy Hoyer - Music /Latin (8/9)

candy bar: Dark Chocolate
snack: gluten free crackers or cookies
food: sushi/Thai
restaurant(s): Mad Greens, Red Robin, Nori
drink type(s) (soda, coffee, etc.): Hot Tea (loose-leaf or bags)
music: Classical, Bluegrass
book or ebook: Audible credits
collectible(s): candles, plants
hobby(s): quilting, reading
movie theatre: Cinemark

Christi Hull - 1st Grade TA(4/10)

Candy Bar: Heath, Almond Joy, almond rocha
Snack Food: cashews, flavored pretzels (buffalo, honey mustard), 
Restaurant/s: Vatos Tacos, Chili's, Door 222, Red Robin
Soda: Ginger Ale, Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: 80's, country
Book or ebook: I like good old fashioned books! I'd love to make time for reading again :) 
Store/s: Target, boutique shops, Hobby Lobby, antiques/flea markets, Amazon
Collectible Items : I collect iron/decorative crosses and sea turtle figurines (wood, glass, etc)
Hobby/s: I enjoy farmer's markets, painting, home decorating, hiking and relaxing at home (I love scented candles and always have them lit!)
Tea/ Coffee: I love coffee and tea
Theater or Movie Rental: Metropolitan Theaters in Loveland
Classroom  needs:

Heidi Kirkman - Kindergarten Teacher

Candy Bar: caramel M and M's
Snack Food: Dots pretzels (original)
Restaurant/s: Panda, Qdoba, Dominos
Soda: Ice flavored drinks or Good Earth Sweet and Spicy tea
Type of Music: I would like to make classroom playlists with songs and books
Book or ebook: books
Collectible Items : Currently I am trying my hand with plants:)
Hobby/s: Outdoor activities, biking, kayaking, hiking, traveling to see kids, and being a new Grandma:)
Theater or Movie Rental: Theatre 

Becky Kleen - Kindergarten Teacher(2/15)

Candy Bar:  Twix or Kit Kat
Snack Food:  Pretzels, Popcorn
Restaurant/s:  Mexican, Italian
Soda:  Unsweetened Iced Tea
Type of Music:  Christian
Book or ebook:  Book
Collectible Items :  Precious Moments
Sports Team:  Broncos
Hobby/s:  Reading, Skiing, Hiking
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater

Stores:  Amazon, Kohls, Target
Classroom Needs:  Knowledge Bound Gift Card

Cherie Pedersen - 2nd Grade Teacher (5/23)

andy Bar: 3 Musketeers

Snack Food: Indiana Popcorn, nuts (healthy snacks)
Restaurant/s: Panera, Long Horn Steak House

Soda: Dr. Pepper, Pepsi
Type of Music: Contemporary Christian Music
Book or ebook: ebooks
Store/s: Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby, Target, Amazon
Hobby/s: reading, scrapbooking,
Tea/ Coffee: Herbal mint, Starbucks, Green Mountain Hazelnut K-Cup
Classroom Needs: Knowledge Bound Gift Card

Jill Ronen - Admin Assistant(1/11)

Candy Bar: Anything dark chocolate with peanut butter or caramel and
sea salt
Snack Food: Any nuts
Restaurant/s: Any restaurants in Old Town
Soda: Flavored sparkling water
Type of Music: All types except hard rock and Jazz
Book or ebook: Book
Store/s: White Balcony, Clothes Mentor, Target, Fine and Funky, Nordstrom Rack
Sports Team: CSU-love any college sports
Collectible Items : Crosses
Hobby/s: camping, hiking, walking, reading, watching college sports, traveling and spending time w/my family and friends
Tea/ Coffee: Coffee and chai tea with low fat milk
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom needs: 

Steve Ronen - 4th Grade Teacher (9/14)

Candy Bar: Peanut M&M's
Snack Food: Nuts, Popcorn
Restaurant: Krazy Karl's, Austin’s
Type of Music: Classical or country
Author: David MCCullough (SP)
Store: Target
Sports Team: Notre Dame
Hobby: Walking, reading, attending auctions
Theater or Movie Rental: Theaters
Classroom: candles, headphones

Ashley Salehi- 1st Grade Teacher

Candy Bar: Reese's Cups
Snack Food: Cheez-its
Restaurant/s: Any in Old Town :)
Soda: Diet Coke
Type of Music: ALL
Book or ebook: Classics
Collectible Items : cookie jars
Hobby/s: singing, baking, reading
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark

Trinity Scarpella - 2nd Grade TA

Candy Bar: Twix, Snickers
Snack Food:  Trail Mix, Nuts
Restaurant: Chick-fil-a, 
Cold Beverage: Iced Coffee or sparkling water
Type of Music: Christian Worship Music, For King and Country
Author: C.S.Lewis, Tolkien, C.J. Box
Store: Hobby Lobby.JAX, REI
Collectible: Stickers from places I've been
Hobby: Painting
Tea or Coffee: Caramel Latte or Creme Brulee latte from Starbucks
Theater or Movie Rental: Movie Rental
Other Gift Ideas: Pens, Sketchbooks

Ann Schmidberger(1/7) - 2nd Grade Teacher

candy             chocolate covered peanuts, Kit Kats
snack             Cheetos, Annie's fruit snacks
food                burger and fries or Mexican
restaurant       La Buena Vida, CP Potts
store               Knowledge Bound, Clothes Mentor
movie              Any old classics   
drink               hot tea, minty hot chocolate
music              Classic Rock, Billy Joel
book                Little House on the Prairie series, Pride and Prejudice
hobby              Needlework, cross stitch and blackwork

Katie Snyder - AST (4/12)

candy bar: Reese's or Dots
snack food: Chex Mix
restaurant(s): Chipotle
drink type(s) (soda, coffee, etc.): Pepsi, White mocha
music: Christian
ebook: Audible
hobby(s): Crafting- Hobby Lobby
movie theatre: Cinemark

Carolina Solis - AST

Candy Bar: Ferrero Roche/ Peanut M&Ms, Anything with nuts
Snack Food: Popcorn, Gummy Bears, Trail Mix
Restaurant/s: Thai or Japanese, Chick-fil-A
Soda: Coke
Type of Music: classical/instrumental for the classroom, 70's 
Book or ebook: Book
Collectible Items : Not a collector
Hobby/s: Cooking, Baking, Home Improvements, Gardening
Theater or Movie Rental: Both

Trisha Wadsworth -AST(12/11)

Candy Bar: Milky Way, Hershey with almonds  
Snack Food: dried fruit, nuts, peanut butter pretzel bites
Restaurant/s: downtown restaurants, DC Oakes, Rush Bowls
Cold Beverage: iced tea, LaCroix 
Type of Music: all
Book or ebook: book 
Store/s: Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Nordstrom Rack  
Sports Team: Liberty Eagles 
Collectible Items : none 
Hobby/s: camping, cooking, walking 
Tea/ Coffee: nonfat chai tea
Theater or Movie Rental: Redbox
Classroom Needs: thank you notes, stickers
Other Gift Ideas: Gift cards are wonderful!

Maddison Webb - 4th Grade Teacher

Candy Bar: Reese's Cups; Crispy M&Ms; chocolate covered peanuts
Snack Food: White Goldfish; Club Crackers; Chocolate Teddy Grahams
Restaurants: Chick Fil A, Cafe Mexicali; Texas Roadhouse; any coffee shops
Soda: Hibiscus LaCroix
Type of Music: Pop, 60s Rock, Alternative Rock
Books: Biblical Philosophy; Classics
Collectible Items: plants; dried flowers
Hobbies: reading, being outside; sitting at coffee shops; board and card games
Theater: Cinemark

Debbie Wood - 3rd Grade Teacher (7/1)

Candy Bar: Snickers; Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
Snack Food: popcorn; Trail Mix; nuts
Restaurant/s: PF Chang's , Red Lobster, anything Mexican
Soda: no soda, love a variety of lemonades
Books: Historic fiction; Biographies
Store/s: T.J. Max; old town shops, Clothes Mentor
Sports Team: Detroit Red Wings (hockey)
Collectible Items: pottery
Hobby/s: Walking, Hiking/Camping, Reading, Board games
Tea/ Coffee: Not a fan of either; Love smoothies, though!
Theater or Movie Rental: theater
Classroom Needs: Stickers, Papermate inkJoy gel pen 7mm

Tabitha Yu - Kindergarten TA

Candy Bar: dark chocolate 
Snack Food nuts of any kind, beef jerky
Restaurant/s: Cafe Mexicali, Italian or Thai
Soda: any kind of sparkling water 
Type of Music: 
Book or ebook: book, I love vintage classics.
Store/s: Taget, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby 
Collectible Items :
Hobby/s: road trips, hiking, gardening
Tea/ Coffee: Honey Lattes or most any lattes
Theater or Movie Rental: theater
Classroom  needs: character books are always great
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