Staff Wishlist - Aristotle

Ana Bennion - 1st Grade Teacher

John Bradley - 3rd Grade TA

AdriAnna Breuer - Kindergarten TA

Casey Churchill - Principal (11/5)

Candy Bar: Kit Kat
Snack Food: Beefy jerky
Restaurant: Suehiro’s
Cold Beverage: Pepsi
Type of Music: Rock
Author: Anything non- fiction
Store: Jax
Collectible: Yo-yos
Hobby: Adventure motorcycling, telemark skiing, fly fishing
Tea or Coffee: Coffee
Theater or Movie Rental: Either
Other Gift Ideas:

Zoey Ciepiela - PE

Marnie Dame - Health Tech/Registrar

Marcia Davis - Art

Candy Bar: Sugar free milk chocolate or candy
Snack Food: Cheese Sun Chips 
Restaurant/s: Red Robin or Oregano's
Soda: Diet Pepsi
Type of Music: Sad Songs
Book or ebook: Art Books or How to Art Books
Collectible Items : frogs/bats/Impressionism
Hobby/s: Reading/Painting/Sleeping/Art Museums
Theater or Movie Rental: I love the Movie Bistro by the Mall!

Mike Domanik - 3rd Grade Teacher

Terra Drobny - IT (12/10)

Candy Bar: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
Snack Food: Zone Perfect or One Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars,   Roasted Cashews,Teriyaki Beef Strip Bars
Restaurant/s: BJ’s.  Texas Roadhouse
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Hot Beverage: Daz Bog Snickerdoodle Steamer
Type of Music: Everything but metal (secular) and rap, especially Skillet, TobyMac, for King and Country.  
Book or ebook: Kindle
Store/s: Amazon, Target
Sports Team: Rockies, Broncos, Cubs, Avalanche, Colorado Eagles
Collectible Items: 
Hobby/s: Scrapbooking, Board Gaming, Mountain Biking
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark Theater

Kathy Elder - AST (2/25)

Candy:  Dark Chocolate
Snacks: Dark chocolate
Restaurant: Any Italian
Cold beverage: La Croix
Books or ebooks:  Amazon gift cert
Stores: Amazon
Sports: biking 
Hobbies: books
Tea/Coffee: Starbucks caramel machiatto or similar, Keurig dark roast 

Jodi Fraser - 4th Grade TA (9/5)

Candy Bar: Peanut M&M’s, Anything Dark Chocolate
Snack Food: Chips & Salsa, Any kind of nuts
Restaurant/s: Lucille’s, Snooze, Suehiro, Fiona’s, Panino's
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper, Tangerine LaCroix
Type of Music: All types
Book or ebook: Books
Store/s: Target, Cozy Cottage, Hobby Lobby, Anywhere Downtown F.C.
Sports Team: Liberty!
Hobby/s: Cooking, Crafting, Reading, Spending time with my family
Tea/ Coffee: Both! Love Plain Latte’s and Earl Grey Tea Latte’s
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom Needs: LOVE paper mate flair pens, cardstock
Other Gift Suggestions:

Paige Gowing - Libarian (10/21)

Candy Bar: Sour Patch Kids
Snack Food: Funyuns
Restaurant/s: Chick Fil A, McDonald's Noodles and Company
Cold Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Pop/Country Taylor Swift
Sports Team: CSU Rams
Book or ebook: Book
Store/s: Target, Sephora, World Market, Barnes and Noble
Collectible Items: Salt and pepper shakers
Hobby/s: reading, writing, embroidery, biking
Tea/ Coffee: Tea (Plantation Mint)
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater…Cinemark
Classroom Needs: bookends, chalk, red stamp pad, bookmarks
Other Gift Ideas:

Chris Hanna - Facilities

Dennis Hoburg - Facilities

Nancy Hoyer - Music /Latin (8/9)

candy bar: Dark Chocolate
snack: gluten free crackers or cookies
food: sushi/Thai
restaurant(s): Mad Greens, Red Robin, Nori
drink type(s) (soda, coffee, etc.): Hot Tea (loose-leaf or bags)
music: Classical, Bluegrass
book or ebook: Audible credits
collectible(s): candles, plants
hobby(s): quilting, reading
movie theatre: Cinemark

Christine Hull - 1st Grade TA

Heidi Kirkman - Kindergarten Teacher

Candy Bar: caramel M and M's
Snack Food: Dots pretzels (original)
Restaurant/s: Panda, Qdoba, Dominos
Soda: Ice flavored drinks or Good Earth Sweet and Spicy tea
Type of Music: I would like to make classroom playlists with songs and books
Book or ebook: books
Collectible Items : Currently I am trying my hand with plants:)
Hobby/s: Outdoor activities, biking, kayaking, hiking, traveling to see kids, and being a new Grandma:)
Theater or Movie Rental: Theatre 

Becky Kleen - Kindergarten Teacher(2/15)

Candy Bar:  Twix or Kit Kat
Snack Food:  Pretzels, Popcorn
Restaurant/s:  Mexican, Italian
Soda:  Unsweetened Iced Tea
Type of Music:  Christian
Book or ebook:  Book
Collectible Items :  Precious Moments
Sports Team:  Broncos
Hobby/s:  Reading, Skiing, Hiking
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater

Stores:  Amazon, Kohls, Target
Classroom Needs:  Knowledge Bound Gift Card

Cherie Pedersen - 2nd Grade Teacher (5/23)

Candy Bar: Butterfinger
Snack Food: Indiana Popcorn, nuts (healthy snacks)
Restaurant/s: Youngs Vietnamese Restaurants, Red Lobster, Egg and I
Soda: Dr. Pepper
Type of Music: Contemporary Music
Book or ebook: ebooks
Store/s: Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby, Target
Hobby/s: reading, scrapbooking
Tea/ Coffee: Herbal mint, Green teas, Chi Late, Starbucks, Green Mountain Hazelnut K-Cup
Classroom Needs: Knowledge Bound Gift Card

Jill Ronen - Admin Assistant(1/11)

Candy Bar: Anything dark chocolate with peanut butter or caramel and
sea salt
Snack Food: Any nuts
Restaurant/s: Nay restaurants in Old Town
Soda: Flavored sparkling water
Type of Music: All types except hard rock and Jazz
Book or ebook: Book
Store/s: White Balcony, Clothes Mentor, Target, Fine and Funky, Nordstrom Rack
Sports Team: CSU-love any college sports
Collectible Items : Crosses
Hobby/s: camping, hiking, walking, reading, watching college sports, traveling and spending time w/my family and friends
Tea/ Coffee: Coffee and chai tea with low fat milk
Theater or Movie Rental: Theater
Classroom needs: scented oil diffuser

Steve Ronen - 4th Grade Teacher (9/14)

Candy Bar: Peanut M&M's
Snack Food: Nuts, Popcorn
Restaurant: Krazy Karl's, Austin’s
Type of Music: Classical or country
Author: David MCCullough (SP)
Store: Target
Sports Team: Notre Dame
Hobby: Walking, reading, attending auctions
Theater or Movie Rental: Theaters
Classroom: candles, headphones

Ashley Salehi- 1st Grade Teacher

Candy Bar: Reese's Cups
Snack Food: Cheez-its
Restaurant/s: Any in Old Town :)
Soda: Diet Coke
Type of Music: ALL
Book or ebook: Classics
Collectible Items : cookie jars
Hobby/s: singing, baking, reading
Theater or Movie Rental: Cinemark

Trinity Scarpella - 2nd Grade TA

Ann Schmidberger - 2nd Grade Teacher

Katie Snyder - AST

Carolina Solis - AST

Candy Bar: Ferrero Roche/ Peanut M&Ms, Anything with nuts
Snack Food: Popcorn, Gummy Bears, Trail Mix
Restaurant/s: Thai or Japanese, Chick-fil-A
Soda: Coke
Type of Music: classical/instrumental for the classroom, 70's 
Book or ebook: Book
Collectible Items : Not a collector
Hobby/s: Cooking, Baking, Home Improvements, Gardening
Theater or Movie Rental: Both

Trisha Wadsworth -AST(12/11)

Candy Bar: Milky Way, Hershey with almonds  
Snack Food: dried fruit, nuts, peanut butter pretzel bites
Restaurant/s: downtown restaurants, DC Oakes, Rush Bowls
Cold Beverage: iced tea, LaCroix 
Type of Music: all
Book or ebook: book 
Store/s: Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Nordstrom Rack  
Sports Team: Liberty Eagles 
Collectible Items : none 
Hobby/s: camping, cooking, walking 
Tea/ Coffee: nonfat chai tea
Theater or Movie Rental: Redbox
Classroom Needs: thank you notes, stickers
Other Gift Ideas: Gift cards are wonderful!

Maddison Webb - 4th Grade Teacher

Candy Bar: Reese's Cups; Crispy M&Ms; chocolate covered peanuts
Snack Food: White Goldfish; Club Crackers; Chocolate Teddy Grahams
Restaurants: Chick Fil A, Cafe Mexicali; Texas Roadhouse; any coffee shops
Soda: Hibiscus LaCroix
Type of Music: Pop, 60s Rock, Alternative Rock
Books: Biblical Philosophy; Classics
Collectible Items: plants; dried flowers
Hobbies: reading, being outside; sitting at coffee shops; board and card games
Theater: Cinemark

Debbie Wood - 3rd Grade Teacher (7/1)

Candy Bar: Snickers; Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
Snack Food: popcorn; Trail Mix; nuts
Restaurant/s: PF Chang's , Red Lobster, anything Mexican
Soda: no soda, love a variety of lemonades
Books: Historic fiction; Biographies
Store/s: T.J. Max; old town shops, Clothes Mentor
Sports Team: Detroit Red Wings (hockey)
Collectible Items: pottery
Hobby/s: Walking, Hiking/Camping, Reading, Board games
Tea/ Coffee: Not a fan of either; Love smoothies, though!
Theater or Movie Rental: theater
Classroom Needs: Stickers, Papermate inkJoy gel pen 7mm

Tabitha Yu - Kindergarten TA

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